Engineers Making A Difference

Engineers Making A Difference is a undergraduate first year engineering service-learning course that partners with community organization Growing Hope in Ypsilanti, MI. Engineers Making A Difference is a course that focuses improving the ability of local citizens to have access to health food that has been grown in a sustainable way, by farmers in the community, or by the citizens themselves. Below is a short introduction to the Engineers Making a Difference course, taught by Dr. Lorelle Meadows, also Director of Academic Programs and Research Scientist in the College of Engineering.

Engineers, with their capacity to apply knowledge and solve problems possess the potential to profoundly influence on our world. With this power comes a responsibility that is not matched by many other careers paths. In this section of Engineering 100, we explore the responsible practice of engineering by addressing a global challenge for a local community. This year’s challenge will be world hunger. One seventh of the world’s population is hungry – over 1 billion people. Each year, hunger claims the lives of as many people as AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. Yet, as a world, we produce enough grain to provide over 3500 calories to each person every day. Hunger isn’t a problem isolated in the developing world – hunger can affect our closest neighbors. To address this need, we will work with a local non-profit to improve capacity in a local community for the development of affordable and nutritious food sources to battle urban hunger and malnutrition.

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