Week 1

Week 1   Thursday, June 2, 2011

I was able to meet most of the staff in the office of Growing Hope today, and also participate in the monthly Community Potluck.

A mother and her two kids came into the office in the afternoon; the mother needed to get some information about planting this summer, and I noticed that her main concern was that she needed to get as many seeds in the ground as possible, because the shifting days of her Food Stamp payout was making it very hard to ensure that she had fresh fruits and vegetables for her family. She was determined to plant enough this summer to counteract the cost and frustration of finding and purchasing acceptable health produce at the store. Her son was excited to start growing broccoli, a big broccoli fan. I couldn’t believe my ears, but I was glad for his sake.

Community Potluck: Every first Thursday of the month

The community potluck is very informal and fun. I met Amanda again as she instructed us on how to clear the ground to make the farm presentable for the potluck. We completed the task in roughly 30 mins, right before the majority of the people came. It wasn’t a big crowd, but large enough to circle around an meet everyone. I could see that the potluck enabled people to share their food with others and share recipes as well. Everyone was very nice and understanding, and willing to pitch in to clean and help set up. I wasn’t able to stay for the movie, but many did.


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